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Neck and Jowls


Neck and Jowl Liposuction


Can I get rid of the saggy appearance in my neck and jowls?

While diet and exercise are effective in combating the accumulation of fat, some areas of the body do not respond as others, such as the neck and chin areas.

Many patients considering for a lower face-lift surgery would get more natural results, would avoid surgical scars and can save a lot of money if they get liposuction first. Liposuction alone, initially, can bring desired neck contours and improve cosmetic outcomes. It may tighten the whole face. Liposuction can defer a need for a facelift, and compliment the final outcome of a facelift should you decide to proceed with one.




Is neck and Jowl liposuction a safe procedure?

The neck fat mainly lies superficially under the skin. Beneath this fat layer there is a muscle layer known as platysma which acts as a barrier between the fat we remove through liposuction and the vital structures of the neck. Neck liposuction is a very safe procedure with satisfactory results.

Is there special care aftercare after neck and Jowl treatment?

Use of an elastic, compressive garment application is a must immediately following the neck liposuction procedure. Although the neck recovers faster than any other areas following liposuction, a compression garment helps to reduce swelling and bruising and hasten recovery. There is less skin redundancy and looseness with the use of an elastic compression garment worn firmly as recovery and healing occurs.

What are the advantages of neck contouring?

Neck contouring creates a firmer, smoother and more refined appearance to the neck and chin. Even without making any other changes to the face, improving a thick, wrinkled or sagging neck can dramatically improve a one’s appearance, helping a patient look years younger or even as though he or she has lost weight. Neck contouring can also help restore balance to facial features by providing a better defined jawline that frames the rest of the face. 

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