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Integrative Cancer Therapy



Glendale Whole Health Integrative Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis does not have to mean the end of your dreams, aspirations and life!  Dr. Speller and the professionals at Glendale Whole Health have holistic and integrative treatments that can help you through every phase of your cancer, alongside your traditional cancer treatment with your oncologist.



*Improve nutritional status to improve general health and help fight cancer*

*Make your body a hostile environment for cancer*

*Weaken cancer directly*

*Protect body against negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation*

*Make it harder for the cancer to feed itself by limiting its glucose uptake*

*Cancer hates oxygen! (Exercise, ozone therapy)*


Glendale Whole Health will help guide you through this process while focusing on nine major steps:



This includes specific nutritional guidelines as well IV nutritional therapy.


Supplements and Botanicals

Recommendations for specific supplements and botanicals will be made to help to keep you healthy during your cancer treatment and to directly fight the cancer.



The importance of sleep cannot be overestimated, especially while combatting cancer.  Recommendations will be made to optimize your sleep.



Your body’s natural detoxification pathways are important to maintaining your health—even moreso while your body trying to rid itself of cancer.  Internal and external ways to enhance detoxification will be recommended.


Adjuvant Anti-Cancer Therapy

Both ozone therapy and high-dose vitamin C have been shown to be helpful both as direct anti-cancer agents, as well as ways to improve the efficacy of radiation and chemotherapy.  Dr. Speller will design a treatment plan for you.



Some commonly-used medications also have anti-cancer effects!  Dr. Speller will determine if any of these would be beneficial for you.



Reasonable exercise guidelines will help you stay active throughout the course of your cancer treatment. Cancer hates oxygen!


Mind-Body Medicine

Many studies have suggested that mind-body practices can help reduce common side effects of cancer treatment, such as fatigue, anxiety and depression, and may also influence outcome of long-term survival.  The professionals at Glendale Whole Health will help identify some modalities that would work for you.


Other Therapies

Other therapies such as PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) therapy, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage can all contribute to a positive outcome.


Are you looking for holistic cancer treatment options for Early, Late-Stage or Metastatic Cancer?  Click here to book your appointment now or call (818) 551-0464!




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